Fully Automated Server-Based Document
Processing with Web Verification

  • Automatic processing of documents without user interaction
  • Unlimited options for automated work routines
  • Integration with SharePoint including Import of files
  • Designed for high volumes
  • Verification through web client

Get rid of endless scanning jobs thanks to automation. Take advantage of fully-automated server-based document capture solution. Even large batches of physical paper and electronic documents are autonomously indexed, OCR processed and delivered into intended file systems, SharePoint and ECM systems. GScan Service eliminates human effort in your document capture jobs and leaves your workforce free to focus on more important tasks.

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How our customers use GScan Service

  • Daily document processing

    Whenever a document is captured through a scanner, MFP, added to a specific folder, etc. it is automatically processed, indexed, and the full-text searchable document is exported and stored.

  • Document archive migration

    Effortlessly migrate large archives from one system to another. GScan Service improves the quality of images, compresses them up to 100x, indexes data and exports full-text searchable documents.

  • Automatic contract preparation

    Speed up preparation of contracts for banking, insurance, and many other services. Information from ID cards or passports is extracted; new contract containing captured information is automatically generated.

  • Automatic email processing

    GScan Service monitors the inbox and automatically extracts emails and attachments (for example invoices or orders), files are processed, enriched with related source metadata, and stored.

  • Invoice processing

    GScan automatically recognizes invoices imported from the file system, email or scanner and verifies data against ERP sources such as a list of vendors or purchase orders and exports PDFs to your DMS system. Watch video.

  • Passport & ID card recognition

    Easily capture IDs and passports with a scanner or even with a mobile and extract data to identify the customer when opening their bank accounts, signing an insurance or telco contract and much more.

Case Study: Automatic processing of payment orders for Tatra Banka

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  • Automated work routines

    High level of workflow customization means you have practically unlimited options to set-up fully automated routines.

  • Parallel tasks

    GScan Service can easily handle multiple different tasks at the same time and run 24/7 without requiring any user interaction.

  • Designed for high volumes

    Thanks to multi-thread processing GScan Service can handle high volumes of print and digital documents.

  • Web client online verification

    Verify recognized metadata or solve any errors in the web client offering full GScan functionality including click-to-index.

  • Document capture

    Capture print and digital documents from any source: scanners, Multi-Function Devices, local hard drives, network storages, cloud storages, SharePoint, DMS, email and even smartphones.

  • Image improvements

    GScan Service automatically corrects documents, fixes the skew and orientation, crops borders, cleans up the text background, performs digital color-filtering and black & white conversion, removes speckles and more.

  • Full-text OCR in 180 languages

    Extract valuable information from documents with built-in full-text Optical Character Recognition (OCR). GScan Service delivers highly accurate results in over 180 languages.

  • Classification and separation

    Efficiently sort large batches of mixed document types based on forms classification, barcodes recognition, blank pages or the number of sheets.

  • Form recognition

    Recognition templates enable automatic extraction of machine or handwritten text and marks in checkboxes (OMR) from various document types.

  • Semi-structured documents

    For dynamic documents such as purchase orders and invoices, GScan offers complex logic that will search, locate, and recognize the desired information.

  • ID capture

    Modern recognition module for ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, can extract information out of the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) including photos.

  • Document export

    Export documents as full-text searchable PDFs to SharePoint, file systems, ECM, LOB, CRM, ERP, cloud storages; include metadata, automatically create folders and much more.

  • Size conversion

    Processed documents retain high quality and reduced files sizes up to 100x smaller than the original – make your document retrieval rapid and readable.

  • Email integration

    Start processing documents the moment they arrive in your inbox, extracts emails and email attachments for processing.

  • Automatic validation

    GScan Service intelligently verifies with external sources as a database lookup to always make the perfect match, eliminate non-existent dates, ID numbers, and much more.

  • Automatic field population

    Simplify processing of invoices and orders by automatically populating fields with relevant data directly from the business system.

  • PDF templates

    Automatically fills in the fields in PDF templates with recognized document data. Instantly create a contract proposal based on scanned passport/ID card.

  • ICR - handwritten text recognition

    High accuracy on digits and digits combined with letters of one or several languages, even if the fields contain both upper and lower case letters.

  • Redaction of sensitive data

    Sensitive data such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, etc. can be redacted automatically based on pre-defined rules or manually by the user.

  • Multilingual support

    GScan Service is available in 10 languages and supports over 180 in OCR and can be diversely used within the office for individual users.


  • Sharepoint flow dematerialization expert, we recommend GScan solutions to our clients. It answers to your needs by its easy, modular and seamless integration within SharePoint environment.

    Cyril Massip
    Responsable comptes clients SharePoint, SARL YES

  • With GScan, we can offer a best-in-class, easy-to-use document capture and process automation solution that helps our customers get more from their SharePoint investments.

    Vinoth Kumar
    Director Technology Solutions, Amia Infotech

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