Invoices to SharePoint? Yes, you can!

Last year, we have introduced the new improved Invoice Headers module. However, in cases when one of the requirements is to export the extracted metadata into a SharePoint library, the utilization of the invoice headers features was somehow limited. This limitation has been overcome by the Indexer to SharePoint plugin implementation.

26. 3. 2021 Tomáš Jurik

The biggest upgrade for the Invoice Headers module was the addition of the reference database, which secures precise results for purchaser and vendor information extraction. This feature was implemented in the invoice headers indexer, which got a facelift too - the interpretation of the extracted metadata became more organized and transparent.

When export to a SharePoint library is required, a different kind of indexer is used, which restricted the usage of some Invoice Headers features. This restriction is now removed by the Indexer to SharePoint export plugin.

What does this plugin do?
To put it simply, it allows migrating metadata from any indexer to a SharePoint indexer.

How is this plugin useful?
The explanation for this is a bit more complex. When exporting to SharePoint, the indexer used in the scan job is created automatically. The created indexer represents the columns in the destination library, to which the document and metadata will be exported. To use the new invoice headers module features, the invoice headers indexer must be used. By adding the Indexer to SharePoint plugin, it is possible to have the extracted data moved from the Invoice Headers indexer to the SharePoint indexer, and have them exported to the corresponding SharePoint library.

In other words: A document is imported/scanned and the metadata is extracted into the invoice headers indexer. The Indexer to SharePoint plugin takes the necessary metadata and migrates it into corresponding fields of the SharePoint indexer. Once migrated, the document and metadata can be exported to the desired SharePoint library.

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