Which GScan is right for you?

We offer several GScan products that can help you capture and extract valuable information form print and digital documents.

If you’re reading this now, you are likely in the beginning stages of choosing a document capture solution for a part of or your entire business. Products in the GScan line bring different features and benefits and figuring out which one is right for you can seem complicated. We are here to help.

You can try out our product wizard or compare features, or read on for a quick look at various options.

13. 11. 2017 Simona Párnická

How many documents will you be processing?

If you need to scan massive amounts of documents at a centralized location, you will be best served by a production-grade fast scanner with an at least 500-page document feeder, and GScan or GScan Service for document processing.

  • GScan is a robust all-in-one desktop application, that can automatically extract information from static Forms and semi-structured documents, as well as Invoices.

  • GScan Service has all the features of GScan but runs in a fully automated mode without any user interaction, or in a semi-automated mode where operators just verify accuracy.

If you have to capture documents at multiple locations, the ideal solution will involve smaller scanners and automated routing of scanned images. Depending on the number of documents pick either GScan for a larger quantity or GScan Online when you process few documents.

  • GScan Online is a simple web application natively embedded into SharePoint Online, where users manually click on each piece of information they wish to index. It is suitable if each operator handles just a small number of documents.

If you have a mobile workforce that will occasionally need to capture documents on the go, you can pair any of the previously mentioned products with GScan Mobile that can be installed on Android devices or iPhone.

What type of documents do you need to process?

If you mostly process information from structured documents such as medical claims, loan application forms, registration forms, banking payment orders, or forms for transfer of funds – choose GScan or GScan Service with Static Forms license. Forms can automatically handle documents in which the same data type (such as VAT number, date, first name, etc.) is always placed in the same location within the document. These forms can be filled in by handwritten or printed text.

If you’ll be processing semi-structured documents, e.g., credit notes, purchase orders, delivery notes, bills, etc. GScan or GScan Service - Dynamic Forms license is the best for you. A semi-structured document is one where one data type, e.g. an account number, can be found in different positions on the page. Dynamic Forms support complex logic for searching of data, to automatically detect and index required information.

For companies handling a massive number of invoices GScan or GScan Service - Invoices license includes predefined templates for processing of invoice headers in following languages: British English, German, Hungarian, Czech, and Slovak.

Combine licenses as you need

You can combine your licenses depending on the number of different types of documents you estimate you'll need to process - for example, 20 000 Forms but just 1000 Invoices.

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