When .xml is just not enough, export to .json or .csv

Importing extracted data into various systems (e.g. ERP systems) using the default .xml file format might not be supported. In order to avoid situations like this, we have decided to add more file types to have the captured metadata stored.

9. 5. 2019 Tomáš Jurik

In addition to .xml format, the .json and .csv formats were added to store the metadata and further increase the usability of extracted data. The operator can choose if the .json/.csv file will be created for the whole batch or for each individual document.

When the .csv file format is chosen, further options to customize the final file appear. Among the others, there is the possibility to change the delimiter type (comma, semicolon or pipe). In case the exported metadata contains a table data type (e.g. invoice items), that table is exported as separate .csv.

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