What’s new in GScan this December?

We are happy to bring you a new release - version 4.2 of our document capture software. This version contains our brand-new Learning Mode as well as advanced options to export files - deliver exports to multiple locations, export links to files, and new email notifications.

14. 12. 2017 Simona Párnická

Click-to-Design forms creation

The newest release of GScan introduces Click-to-Design forms creation which allows users to quickly and easily create new recognition Forms. This feature uses the GScan’s Click-To-Index function to generate a recognition template. Recognition templates for the printed forms or printed documents with fixed layout are created within moments and are immediately applied to the current and all following documents in the batch. Watch the video below:

Email notification plugin

Another new application feature is a plugin which will send you email notifications after the batch has been exported. Email can be sent for each processed document or the whole bunch. And the document together with its metadata can be delivered as an email attachment. System variables, as well as document or batch metadata, can be used to create the email subject and body. This feature can be configured for email accounts on Microsoft Exchange or for any SMTP server.

Export plugin chain support

GScan export plugins can now be serialized, letting you deliver the same document to various destinations (SharePoint, file system, cloud storage, database, and email) at the same time.

Export links to files

Exported metadata can also contain the link to the physical location of the exported document. The link to the exported document can be sent by email or stored in the database.

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