What's new in GScan Service?

To increase user convenience, we have created a web-based verification station to work with GScan Service. This solution is an alternative to GScan Desktop application which is installed on the end-user machine where the verification takes place. The main benefit of the Web station is the ease of deployment as no installation is needed. It also provides all the verification features of the GScan Desktop application and is easy to use.

21. 9. 2018 Tomáš Jurik

The GScan Web-Station is a feature integrated into GScan Service. It is a web-based application designed for the indexing and verification of the document metadata. In addition to GScan Desktop, this is another client for work with GScan Service batches. GScan Web-Station requires no installation on the customer’s computer and it works directly in the latest version of any supported web browser – preferably Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera. The main part of the web client is a Batch manager. Here, the operator can search for the batches waiting for verification or batches in an error state. Once the batches are listed, it is possible to open, index, and verify them or fix the errors similarly as when using GScan Desktop as verification station.

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