What's new in GScan this June?

We would like to share with you the new useful functionality of our document capture application GScan. In this article, you will find two clever improvements. One of them enables more efficient indexing of tables and the second one processing of images captured by mobile phones.

12. 6. 2018 Daniel Povchanic

Click-to-index on a table column

When capturing a table from the document (e.g. items from invoice) it is ineffective to capture the data cell by cell. For this reason, we introduce column mode into the click-to-index feature. When extracting data from a table it is possible to activate column mode and select the whole column. The data from the column will be parsed into lines and put into the respective column in the indexer table.

3D deskew - mobile capture

Sometimes, there is no possibility to scan or to get the digital version of a document when needed. In such cases, many customers tend to take a photo of the document with their mobile devices. Photos of the documents like this are, in majority, not very usable for data extraction mainly because of a phenomenon called “perspective distortion”. Perspective distortion is caused by the imperfect document position, angle and lighting when the photo is being taken. GScan is capable to overcome such an issue by utilizing a 3D deskew feature. This feature takes the image and adjust it, so the final image looks like it has been scanned and it is possible to properly recognize and extract data from it.

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