What's new in GScan Service?

Did you ever wish, that you could just put a bunch of files into a folder, have the GScan Service pick them up, divide them according to document type and then use the respective scan job in order to have them processed and data extracted? We have made this possible by incorporating a new feature into GScan Service called classification.

2. 10. 2019 Tomáš Jurik

The classification feature allows to create a structure of classification categories into which the documents will be distributed. There are three ways how to ‘learn’ the system, which documents belong to which category. Manually copying the individual pages of the document into the ‘learning folder’ for the respective category, uploading the example document in the classification categories configuration or during the verification of classification process, where the operator simply chooses a category and the system will copy the document pages into the learning folder automatically.

To utilize the classification feature, it is needed to create a classification job. The classification job ensures, that the imported documents are correctly classified and separated into appropriate categories. Each category can have a scan job assigned to it, which means, that when a document is categorized and confirmed, it is automatically imported into that scan job and subsequently processed.

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