In the name of invoices

A new GScan release is here and it brings more ease to invoice processing than ever. Let's have a look...

17. 3. 2020 Tomáš Jurik


  • Invoice Headers module
    o Added new complex indexer control for Invoice Headers
    o Added two new indexer data types Invoice Headers and Line Items
    o Performance optimizations
  • Added new imaging function Advanced clarity
  • Added export of the tables to .csv files and to the database

Enhanced Invoice Headers module
Invoice processing in the GScan software family environment has gone a long way. It evolved from simple static templates through a dynamic recognition template search to its own “template-less” Invoice Header module.
The next step to making the GScan products a better experience for the end-users is to simplify the scan job creation and to create a special indexer, used solely for Invoice Headers, that is easier to read and use.
These are the main reasons why a special indexing user interface has been created that allows customers to visually check much more information with a single glance. To facilitate the use of the new Invoice Headers User Interface, adjustments to a scan job creation have been made as well.

The Invoice Headers module upgrade allows even users without any experience in creating recognition templates to create a scan job for automatic data extraction from invoices.

Advanced clarity
A new function has been added to image enhancement (Imaging) options. It provides for better readability of white text on a dark background thus better recognition and data extraction results.

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