Verification rules

The Verification rules feature is a new addition to the portfolio of tools that are useful for easier document processing. It serves as a sort of automated pre-verification based on beforehand defined rules. As a result, a list of errors and warnings, pointing out problems with extracted data, is displayed once a batch is opened for verification. Let's see, how this feature works in more detail.

23. 8. 2021 Tomáš Jurik

First, there must be at least one verification rule contained in the scan job configuration. These rules are defined in the Indexing profile, where a new tab named Verification rules can be found.

The rule itself is a condition the respective indexing fields are being tested for. If the condition is not met, the rule returns a brief description of the problem. It is possible to set the following conditions:

  • Check sum - calculate a sum of numeric values from multiple indexing fields and compares the result to a specific value or a value from another indexing field.
  • Compare fields - compare values from multiple indexing fields. The accuracy of the comparison can be either exact or fuzzy.
  • Mandatory field check - check, if the specified indexing fields were visited by the user.

The result, in the case the rule condition was not met, can be an error or a warning. This is decided in the rule definition and set as severity.
Error is a problem that must be resolved, else it is not possible to confirm the verified document.

Warning on the other hand is not as severe and, if so decided, can be overridden and ignored.

There is also a special type of verification rule that can be called transformational. This kind of rule does not return any errors or warnings. The transformation rule takes values from the existing fields, transforms them, and writes the result into a single indexing field. The following transformation rules are available:

  • Calculate sum - sum up values from multiple numeric fields.
  • Merge fields - merge values from multiple indexing fields into a single one.

In addition to user-defined rules, GScan Service offers a set of pre-defined verification rules. These rules were created specifically for invoice processing, and are added automatically when Invoice Headers and/or Invoice Items data types are present in the indexer. The rule conditions cannot be changed for the built-in rules, they can be only enabled/disabled and their severity changed. The list of built-in rules is shown in the following image.

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