User Management

In many cases, customers asked for the possibility to manage scan job permissions for individual employees or groups of employees according to their role in the document processing. For example, employees designated for invoice verification do not need, or it is not desirable for them to have access to scan jobs that were created to process agreements. For this reason, a new feature dubbed “User management” has been added to the GScan Service product.

22. 2. 2019 Tomáš Jurik

User management allows you to create user groups with specific permissions. The permissions are divided into groups - Import, Scan, Verification, Error, History, Process Supervisor and Configuration according to each segment of the document processing. All permissions except Configuration can be further divided by scan job, so it is possible to grant permissions only for scan jobs relevant to the user group.

The user management feature is also compatible with ActiveDirectory and each GScan user account can be bound to a respective AD account. This allows users to log into GScan Service with their ActiveDirectory account.

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