Reference database - a key to correct data

When processing invoices, there are times when the data are extracted from the document with errors - wrongly recognized characters, only part of the value was recognized, etc. This can be especially problematic when the extracted metadata is imported into a database of accounting software or into various ERP systems where the information about vendor and purchaser should be as precise as possible.

To overcome these problems a reference database for the Invoice Headers module has been implemented into GScan Service.

20. 5. 2020 Tomáš Jurik

And what is the reference database designed for? To ensure the correctness and validity of the information about vendors and purchasers, that are extracted from the processed invoice.

The reference database is filled with correct and verified information about existing vendors and purchasers like the name of the company, address, identification numbers (VAT number, registration number, etc.), contact information, bank connection information. The database is created during GScan Service configuration and should be populated at the beginning of the solution deployment. It should be also regularly updated with information about new vendors or purchasers. In the current development stage, filling and updating the database has to be done manually, but the automatic solution is already being created as a part of the next development stage. The automatic solution is also going to offer the possibility to import the reference database from the ERP systems in place to further facilitate its usage.

Once the database is set up, it can be used with the upgraded Invoice Headers module. The data about vendor and purchaser, recognized on the processed document, are compared to the reference database. First, the data are compared for the exact match. If a record with the exact match was not found, a fuzzy search is used and record that is the best match for the recognized values is then used to populate the respective indexing fields. If there are more records matching the values from the invoice, it is possible to choose from the records in the dropdown menu during verification. This secures the correctness of the information about vendor and purchaser even when there is a defect in the values recognized on the processed documents or the values are incomplete.

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