New year, new release.

The new GScan release brings many „quality of life“ improvements to the GScan product family. Let’s have a closer look...

29. 1. 2021 Tomáš Jurik

The Invoice Headers module got a significant improvement - Import settings. It allows having the information about purchasers and vendors imported into the reference database automatically, from text files in CSV format. The Import settings can be found in the GScan Service Web Station in the Administration tab.

French and Dutch language packs were added to the Invoice Headers recognition and the Hungarian language pack was updated.

A new Indexer to SharePoint export plugin was created to further extend the usability of the Invoice Headers module. This plugin allows the migration of the extracted data from one indexer to another. It was specifically developed so it would be possible to fully utilize the invoice headers module capabilities, while still be able to export the document and metadata into SharePoint.

The Learning mode is now easier to use than ever before. It is no more necessary to define unique document marks for the system to recognize one document type from another. The full-text fingerprint is now used instead. What this means is, that it is only necessary to define the extraction areas and save the template to have it work.

Last, but not least, the GScan Service Web Station user interface has been updated as well. The User management, Scan job management, and Import settings are now grouped in one tab – Administration.

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