GScan Web Station is becoming GScan Web Monitor

In pursuit of the “zero footprint” approach, we have evolved the GScan Service Web-Station by adding features from the GScan Service Monitor utility. This allows managing and administrating the GScan Service scan jobs and processing from virtually any device that can run a compatible web browser and that can be connected to the respective network.

16. 8. 2019 Tomáš Jurik

The newly implemented features give the administrators and operators a possibility to log into the web station with their account and access the Processing, User management and Administration functionalities available in the GScan Service Monitor as far as their permissions go. This allows them to administrate the GScan Service scan jobs - see what is being currently processed, manage the batches in an error state or the ones waiting for verification. It also opens a new way for administrators to create and manage users, user groups and their respective permissions. And all this is possible to achieve from machines, where the GScan Service Monitor is not available, granting the administrators even more flexibility.

All the web station features are divided into groups listed in a menu for better orientation.

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