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Before, it was too complicated to scan documents directly into the GScan Service scan job – a separate scan job had to be created locally inside the GScan Desktop application, which was sending the scanned documents to the respective GScan Service scan job. The manual import of a document from the filesystem was not possible at all with GScan Service.

All this has changed, as we proudly introduce a GScan Service Scan Station utility.

28. 1. 2020 Tomáš Jurik

GScan Service Scan Station utility allows us to scan a document or to import a document image directly into a GScan Service batch. The GSS Scan Station is usable with GScan Service Web Station.
A new menu item “Scanning” has been added to the GSS Web Station:

Accessing the Scanning menu item will open a new screen with a list of all active scan jobs published into GScan Service. “Install scanning PC component” link will download the installation file for GScan Service Scan Station utility, which allows utilizing the new scanning feature.

Clicking the scan job name will result in a new batch creation with the respective scan job. From here it is possible to manually scan or import document images from the filesystem (image files are supported - .jpg, .png, tif., .gif, .bmp) by choosing the scanning profile and clicking the 'Page with a plus' icon.

Once all necessary documents are scanned/imported, confirm the batch and it will be processed with the given scan job as usual.

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