Prevent information loss by capturing emails

Keeping a searchable and accessible record of discussions and commitments made is a key requirement for any business. Today almost all such instances are recorded and/or distributed by email. Yet 40% of respondents from the AIIM Information Management - State of the Industry 2016 report describe the governance of their emails as chaotic.

12. 7. 2017 Simona Párnická

The challenges of capturing email

Managers and executives across all sizes and types of organizations delete their emails based on the date, not importance or content value. Only 27% archive their emails to a system with search, retention and hold capabilities and just 10% pass emails to their ECM, or CRM system based on their potential future value to the business. Separating useful emails from the rest is not simple, and users are simply not good at it. Providing a solution that can automate the transfer of the crucial information from Inbox into SharePoint, while also extracting information for easy e-discovery, and compressing file size for better archiving, is required by companies from all sides of the business spectrum.

  • Provide a solution to automate the transfer of data from Inbox to an electronic archive, file system, SharePoint etc.
  • Automate extraction of information from body mail, metadata, attachments, and zip files for easy discoverability
  • Provide a solution with search, hold and retention functions, within the search mechanisms
  • Enable easy integration into workflows for higher productivity

GScan Document Capture and GScan Exchange Connector: powerhouse solution that eases the Inbox conundrum

GScan Exchange Connector offers almost unlimited options to define conditions for emails based on the keywords in subject or body, by email senders or recipients. Mail subjects can be stored as HTML file for further GScan processing. Compressed files are not an obstacle as the connector extracts images and documents even from .zip files. Subsequently, all this information is delivered to GScan for further processing. Processed files can be exported to SharePoint, File Systems, ECM, LOB.

Information management is one of the cornerstones of any organization, critical for improvement and success. The majority of the information about what an organization knows, what inputs were received, and what decisions and commitments have been made, is delivered via email. Failure to manage this information, and make it available for sharing, search, controlled access, defined process, and secure archive, limits operational capability, stunts new initiatives and exposes the business to potential liabilities. Even in companies where dedicated email archive systems have search, hold and retention functions, they are likely to be outside of the search mechanisms and taxonomies that already exist within the ECM system. By providing a highly customizable solution that can transfer information and files from Inbox into ECM system, while also extracting valuable information for easy e-discovery the GScan with GScan Exchange Connector bridge a legacy gap of vendors who initially provided little in the way of integration between email and ECM, and have been slow to add functionality for e-discovery and hold.

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